The Westminster Old Scholars’ Association exists to promote the connections between Old Scholars and the School. The Committee is invested with the authority to manage funds on behalf of Old Scholars and how best they might be employed to generally benefit Old Scholars at Westminster School. Each year, WOSA is very active around the School. We organise the various Class reunions and sponsor a number of awards that are given to students at various assemblies and events. WOSA also promotes links between Old Scholar sporting activities and the School, and actively supports the sporting club committees in their drive for membership. The WOSA Annual Dinner is held on the last Friday in July in any given year. In 2016, it is on Friday 29 July.

President: Tiffany Goss ('03)
Treasurer: Ian Hardwick (’00)
Secretary: Michelle Hutchins ('95)
Immediate Past President: Andrew Harding ('77)
Peter Trenorden ('77) (WOSAEO)
Committee Members:
​Heidi Beech ('08) Andrew Kamm (’77)
Cheryl Chin ('08)​ Sue Ross (’82)
Peter Goldsworthy ('65)​ Alexandra Wright ('08)
​Andrew May ('77) Dean Bowen ('65)​
All matters relating to WOSA can be directed in the first instance to:
Peter Trenorden
Westminster Old Scholars’ Executive Officer (WOSAEO)
T: 08 8276 0234 M: 0417 810 533