Title Article Date Article Summary Name
2015 Event and Reunion Dates 9/12/2014 WOSA Event and Reunion Dates for 2015. 2015-Event-and-Reunion-Dates.aspx
Black Jack Get-A-Way wins 2013 Tourism Award 8/10/2013 Congratulations Susan! Black-Jack-Get-A-Way-wins-2013-Tourism-Award.aspx
Class of 1973 40 Year Reunion 3/06/2013 Class-of-1973-40-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 1983 30 Year Reunion 17/06/2013 Class-of-1983-30-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 1988 25 Year Reunion 27/05/2013 Class-of-1988-25-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 1993 20 Year Reunion 22/03/2013 Check out the pictures from our latest Old Scholar reunion. Class-of-1993-20-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 1994 20 Year Reunion 24/03/2014 Class-of-1994-20-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 2003 10 Year Reunion 1/07/2013 Class-of-2003-10-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 2008 5 Year Reunion 3/05/2013 Check out the pictures from the Class of 2008 5 Year Reunion. Class-of-2008-5-Year-Reunion.aspx
Class of 2010 ‘Sundowner’ 25/02/2013 Check out the pictures from the recent Class of 2010 Sundowner. Class-of-2010-‘Sundowner’.aspx
Class of 2011 Sundowner Reunion 26/02/2014 The Class of 2011 celebrated 3 years since their graduation from Westminster with a barbecue at the Sturt Grove Farm. Class-of-2011-Sundowner-Reunion.aspx
Community Golf Day 2014 3/04/2014 Community-Golf-Day-2014.aspx
Congratulations Melissa! 8/05/2013 Melissa Arnold (née Cox) ('05) married James Arnold on 2 February 2013. Congratulations-Melissa!.aspx
Duane Hobbs ('84) and Ray Irons 4/03/2013 Duane-Hobbs-and-Ray-Irons.aspx
Event and Reunion Dates 2013 28/02/2013 What 2013 Events will you be attending? We'd love to see you! Event-and-Reunion-Dates-2013.aspx
Event and Reunion Dates 2014 17/02/2014 Event-and-Reunion-Dates-2014.aspx
First match for the new WOSCC 4/11/2013 First-match-for-the-new-WOSCC.aspx
Never say never! 13/11/2013 Never-say-never!.aspx
Old Scholars' Annual Dinner 1/07/2013 Old-Scholars-Annual-Dinner.aspx
Old Scholars' Day and Annual Dinner 5/08/2013 Friday 26 July was Old Scholars’ Day. The day was a huge success and re-enforced the strong relationship between the School and Westminster Old Scholars' Association. Old-Scholars-Day-and-Annual-Dinner.aspx
Ride of a lifetime! 8/10/2013 Andrew Murphy (’07) arrives home after the ride of a lifetime! Ride-of-a-lifetime!.aspx
Victorian Community Dinner 20/05/2013 Victorian-Community-Dinner.aspx
Wedding News 4/03/2013 Which Old Scholars did we spy in the Sunday Mail weddings section? Wedding-News.aspx
Westminster Community Golf Day 26/02/2014 Whether you're an avid golfer, or just looking for a fun day out, everyone in the Westminster Community is invited to Golf Day 2014, proudly hosted by the Westminster Old Scholars' Association. Westminster-Community-Golf-Day.aspx
WOSFC Memorial Day 1/08/2013 WOSFC-Memorial-Day.aspx